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          When the Hardin County A.M. Rotary Club was chartered 28 years ago this month, the first club president, Al Rider, stated: “Let’s not be a club where members eat, burp and go home. Let’s be a club that makes a difference in our community!”  Looking back, that proclamation has proven prophetic! 
          As a fundraiser, the Club for many years cooked and served country ham, biscuits, gravy, eggs and grits for a community breakfast.  Just this year, the Club decided to try a different fundraising approach and helped sponsor a fall Roktoberfest, which turned out to be spectacularly successful. 
          With the fruits of these fundraising endeavors, the Club has invested in many projects, such as Polio Plus, Project Graduation, the Glendale Children’s Home and helping provide clean water for the citizens of Haiti.  For the Haiti clean water project, club members have journeyed to Haiti to help install clean water systems for people who have never previously enjoyed that convenience.
          The A.M. Club has become known as the “friendly club” with each member making a point to greet all other members and visitors prior to every meeting.  The club is also known as a “singing club”, starting each meeting with a song and also a tasteful joke and possibly a bit of historical trivia. The Club believes that Past President Rider could now proudly look back and say that this Club has “made a difference”.

Hardin County AM Rotary Club
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